Sabtu, 5 Februari 2011

Keep your fitness level to the best...

Apart from your gardening activity sometimes you have to twist albeit on you routine schedule especially in order to sustain your body muscle flexibility as to ensure everlasting endurance and durability.

So, please give a serious consideration on "Physical Exercise" to be included in your weekly activities schedule.

As for me, I'll go for jogging at least once a week and I'll do that every Friday morning as it's my off day to Kebun.

The cheapest, easiest and the best exercise that works everything for your body internally and externally is JOGGING .

Most of the people do allocates a reasonable time frame when they go for jogging. However, they only do serious jogging for only within 10 to 20 minutes and spending the rest of the time doing stretching, walking and chitchatting and so on and so forth. This kind of activity will not works at improving their physical condition and health.

Please do open up my page on Halaman "Kesihatan" if you want to know more about how I improve my jogging ability. Its work for me and perhaps it will also work for you too..

All the best...